Sunday, August 07, 2022

Here comes the summer! What can we look forward to in the garden in June?

We’re pretty much hoping for four months of wonderful weather ahead, great for going to the  beaches and having endless barbeques. Not such a great time for the gardener though, the produce may be coming along nicely now but the non-stop sunshine soon takes its toll and we’ll be hoping for some showers.

  • Trees, especially recently planted ones, and shrubs will be grateful for some thick mulch to help with the months ahead. Even a load of hay around the base will keep down the weeds and help keep the roots cool.

  • If you’re pulling up alliums now beware that leaving them in the sun to dry here isn’t the same as in northern Europe. Last year I cooked some of the onions! This time round the garlic is drying in a shadier horta june3

  • The nettle fertilizer I suggested you make back in March is now well and truly ready. If you haven’t done so already pour a small plastic bottle of it into your watering can and feed the toms, they’ll love it.

  • Most people are digging up the potatoes this month. You can refill the empty space with leeks. (Forgot to sow leeks? Get some alho frances plants from the local market).

  • Keep a regular look out for bugs on the leaves. We may have fewer snails here but the enormous locusts make up for that.

  • The sun may be shining but that doesn’t mean it won’t get windy. Make sure toms, beans and cucumbers etc are tied up well.

Start collecting courgette recipes, you’ll be needing those once they get going! Last year we tried to get rid of our glut to workmen and neighbours – who all refused as they were growing their own. This year I’m just growing two plants and already we’re having them everyday. Luckily they can be frozen – grate them, sprinkle with salt and leave for 30 mins. Squeeze out the excess water and put in freezer bags; great for courgette cake, fritters and pasta sauce.

Written by Jackie McAvoy (read her blog The Story of Casa Azul)