Sunday, August 07, 2022

Have you experienced problems shopping opnline post-Brexit from UK suppliers?

Amazon deliveries not arriving, Ebay not delivering to Portugal. or parcels getting turned around by customs, these are all problems that are being reported on social media since the UK left Europe in January 2021 (post- Brexit).

More and more suppliers and stores are finding ways to help, and ways they can continue to supply you. shopping online

Shopping online is safe if you follow some basic rules and are sensible. Click here to read some things you should be aware of when shopping online.

We will add links to site on this page as we find them so come back regularly for more placed to shop safely.

English books from Ireland.

Enlish and Portuguese books from Portugal.

House Den Shop

An online ship selling Homewares, Pet Acessories and Fitness Equipment with Free delivery through Europe.
More items being added all the time.

Secure payment processing and delivery from China or Europe in 15-30 days.


Handmade cosmetics, free delivery over €50

Indian Flavours

Indian foods and spices delivered from Spain. Free delivery over €50.

M & S

Marks & Spencer offer Free delivery over 60 Euros.

Holland & Barrett Ireland 

All your favourite supliments, nuts and health foods.

€11.95 delivery throughout Europe.

 Amazon Spain and Germany have many things the same as UK and ship from European warehouses, and have secure Payment Processing.
Order items 'fulfilled by Amazon' and you get them in a few days.

A good tip it to add Google Translate Plug-In on Chrome so you can translate the websites in live time and you scroll though.


Free delivery over €50

The Body Shop

Deliveries from Spain.