Sunday, August 07, 2022

Things to do in February in your Vegetable Garden in Portugal

The cold weather persists and it’s easy to stay inside wrapped up. But venture outside and you should see the first of the bulbs in flower, and there are a few things for you to be getting on with before the busy spring period:

  • If you have any willows in the garden then these need to be pollarded now. Why not keep the branches and make a basket or two?
  • In our area (central Portugal) this is also the time to be cutting back the vines when they’re at their most dormant. Snip the branches leaving just a few buds behind and then tie them as necessary using the willow off-cuts.
  • Encourage your potatoes to chit before planting: stand them with the blunt end uppermost in trays or old egg boxes, with plenty of natural light. They’ll start to chit (sprout) giving them a head start for when you plant them.

  • If you want some fruit trees or vines it’s the last chance to plant bare-root ones while they’re still dormant. Remember to soak them before planting and then to give plenty of water throughout their first year.

  • There’s not a lot of sowing to be done now but, under cover, peas and broad beans can be sown in toilet rolls.

  • If you’re growing asparagus keep an eye on any spears breaking through and cover these with straw – you don’t want to lose any to the frost !

  • Collect some ash from your wood-burning stove to scatter lightly around the base of fruit trees and cane fruits, it’s a natural source of potassium.

  • And if you want to stay inside what’s nicer than turning your citrus fruits into marmalade - especially if you’re getting low on your plum jam!

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