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Bianca Animal Shelter is a private Portuguese association, a registered charity with a public utility status, whose objective is to rescue dogs and cats and to rehome them to good homes.

Bianca runs a shelter for around 250 dogs and has 50 cats in “temporary families”.bianca puppies

The shelter is in Sesimbra – a coastal city 30 km south of Lisbon. They have been operating since 2002.

Bianca receives around 30 new animals every month. It is always a struggle to keep a reasonable number of them in the shelter and to be able to rehome as many as possible every month.

Many animals that we receive are in a very bad state: after an accident, with broken bones and wounds, puppies and kittens found dehydrated in garbage bins, animals physically abused. We count with the help of the vets who give us discounted prices but nevertheless our monthly veterinary bills are significant.

Every animal that is given for adoption from our kennel is vaccinated, dewormed and has a chip. All adult female dogs and cats are sterilised and many male dogs and cats castrated. Female puppies and kittens are given for adoption on the basis of an adoption contract in which the new owner obliges himself to have them sterilised when they reach the right age.

How can you help :

1. You can adopt a dog or cat. This is our primary objective – to find a loving home to those animals that have never had a good one. They have plenty of love to give and they will be eternally grateful. Do not worry about the distance, if you live in Algarve or Central Portugal, we can try to bring the animal to you.

2. If you cannot adopt, you can offer a temporary home to puppies until they complete vaccinations, or to old dogs that find it very difficult to live in rough conditions in the shelter, or to sick dogs in recovery, or to kittens and cats.

3. If you cannot adopt, you can also help us increasebianca kittens their life quality in the shelter: You can foster a dog on distance – choose your dog, choose a monthly amount you want to donate and help us like this.

4. You can come to the shelter and help, especially during the weekend, when many volunteers come. There is job for everyone.

5. You can sponsor a kennel, a dog house, a tree, a particular medical treatment, medications – whatever you choose.

6. You can buy Bianca “gadgets” from the online shop run by volunteers:

Bianca Pet Rescue Blog

They sell calendars every year via their blog (above) to raise much needed funds.

7. You can become a member of the Association – by paying a yearly membership fee by the end of 2010 we have many gifts for you.

8. You can regularly call our solidarity number: 760 20 70 60, with one phone call you feed one animal per day.

9. If you fly from Lisbon to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark or Sweden, you can help our pets. As we have some adoptions abroad, you can take an animal with you to its new home. Let us know when you fly and we will manage all details like animal passports, skykennels, a person to take the animal to Lisbon airport and do the check-in with you and a person at the destination airport to pick up the animal. You don't need to do anything except transporting the animal.

You can find more about us at our webpage:

and join our group on Facebook 

Testimonial from a Happy Customer:

We have one of their dogs which we adopted in June 2010 and cannot speak too highly of the care and attention they receive in the Centre.  Each dog receives as much attention as possible in extremely difficult circumstances. You can imagine the time it must take just to deliver food and water to that many animals and to spend time getting to know them let alone caring for them following operations! The dedication of Ana, who runs the Centre and her helpers is absolutely amazing. It is quite heartbreaking when you hear of some of the facts about conditions the dogs are found in and I cannot give enough praise to Ana and the team for their determination to do all they can for abandoned and ill-treated animals.
On the day that we visited the Centre there were 244 dogs in their care. We adopted one, and as we came away 4 puppies were brought in. Everyone loves puppies, but an older dog can be a very rewarding addition to your family. They seem to be so grateful for contact with people who love them and are prepared to give them a family home. Our latest addition is an 8 year old bitch, she is absolutely wonderful and gets on so well with our other animals (1 dog and 2 rescued cats). She is sweet natured despite her unfortunate history, playful and loving.
If you go on the Bianca website and you are not touched by the photos and stories of the many dogs featured, I will be very surprised. A visit to the Centre is rather traumatic as it is difficult to understand the mentality of people who would abandon or ill treat their dogs, but you will be filled with admiration for the dedicated staff. If you are able to offer a home to one that would be marvellous, but if not a donation to their meagre funds I know would be most welcome.