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Wendy Manning - The Editor of Hey Portugal Magazine.

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I am the editor and Webmaster for

I moved to Central Portugal in 2007 with 2 sons, James & Daniel.

In 2012 I  changed locations to the Silver Coast, and now live in Nadadouro.

Like many other people who have moved to Central Portugal from the UK in recent years we have found it difficult to get information about the things we all need to know. Information about how to register at the Centro de Saude, how does the Via Verde Motorway toll system work, where and when are all the markets on, what date is my local festa, when are the Portuguese National Holidays, How do I get the children into school....and so much more.

So was started, to tell other about the things that we had struggled with ourselves and it just grew. If you live in Portugal you will know how difficult is it to find out the 'latest' information about things, well Hey Portugal intends to get this information for you and publish it for all to read.

I have a background in Quality Management, in a number of different industries, and as a qualified auditor for many years I have a particular knack of getting information out of people.

I have inks with the British Embassy and Consulate and the Central Portugal Tourist Board as well as a number of Town Councils, and so plans to keep the readers as informed as possible about what's going on in Central Portugal and to help make Life in central Portugal and the Silver Coast a bit easier for the Expats here, whether British Expats or other English speakers.

Through Hey Portugal I have already been involved with the British Consulate to sort out problems Expats were experiences with Healthcare and other issues.

I am very keen to provide acurate and current information for Expats in Portugal, driven by the fact that when I arrived it was very difficult to get information. Even now there are other Expat websites that have out-of-date and misleading information about moving to and living in central Portugal and the Silver Coast.

Hey Portugal is The Website for Central Portgual in English.

If you want to contact Wendy then please use the Contact Us page.