A simple guide to what you can and can't do.

Safe Communities Portugal keep up to date with all announcements for the government and add a translation to their website and Facebook page, so its a good idea to Bookmark their Page and like the Facebook page.

Estamon ON is a Portuguese sites with all the latest information.

Pandemia Clara from Sapo  is in Portuguese, they have a great sites that you can select your Council and a Date and get the details of the restrictions.


For a simple explanation (updated 22 March 2021)

The current rules are designed to keep people from travelling and mixing until we have this thing really under control.

The general advice is to stay at home unless you have to go out, it really is that simple, if you have to leave the house for something other that school, medical, shopping or local exercise, then you should check they local council website or Facebook page and the links above for the latest updates.

Always carry proof of your address, even if just going for a local walk.

From 26 March 0000 (that is AM on 26th) to 5 April 0500, everyone is restricted to stay in the Municipality with limited exceptions. Basically if you are an 'exception' then you know that you are. Keep it simple.

We are doing OK

Yes the numbers are dropping and Portugal is ahead of most other European countries in their falling cases and around average with the Vaccine roll-out, but we are not there yet.Covid1

We are still asked to stay indoors unless we have to go out. Leaving the house for exercise and for dog walking is allowed.


There is a lot of talk around social media about the curfew. We are NOT under curfew.

The weekend restrictions are that you do not travel outside the Municipality where you live from Friday night 8pm to Monday morning 5pm.

We are still asked to stay indoors unless we have to go out. Leaving the house for exercise and for dog walking is allowed.

Food Shops are open and the weekends and non-food shops supplying essentials can open until 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

What Not To Do

You cannot drive to where you like the spot, to take dogs for a walk.

You cannot drive to the beach because you want to walk there, when you can walk around your own neighborhood.

You cannot leave your Municipality at the weekend or over Easter, to go shopping. If you prefer shops in another town then go during the days that you can travel.


We are still in the first phase at the moment, with over 80 year old's and some groups with special medical conditions.

The speed is increasing as we get more supply. In the 7 days up to 21st March Portugal administered 26351 vaccines.

If you have not been contacted and you think you should have been then contact your local Doctor/Health Centre.

The Pandemic Clara site has a simulation you can do with age and medical conditions that tells you what phase you are in.