Saturday, October 31, 2020

Did you know that there is a tax regime in Portugal where anyone can chose to send 0.5% of the tax they pay to an institution or charity of their choice? 

It costs you nothing but will help the institution you choose considerably. Anyone from the UK might be aware of the tax scheme for 'gifting' your tax to charities - it is also applicable here.

There are many institutions that benefit from this, here are some ideas;   wallet

Churches - e.g. Greater Lisbon Chaplancy
Banco Alimentar
Local Charities
Red Cross  (Cruz Vermleha)

Your accountant can do this for you if you have one.

The procedure is to complete “Anexo H, section 9 – Consignação de 0.5% do imposto liquidado” of the income tax return. Place an X in the box for the appropriate institution type and complete box 901 with the Institutions identity number xxxxxx.

That will then stay in place until you change it on a future tax return, you dont need to do anything else.