How do you book an appointment with your Doctor in Portugal? You can go and queue (for up to an hour in rural areas) at the Centro do Saude and try to explain to the receptionist what you want or you can do it on-line!

Yes, you can register online, then you can book and cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions and more. As long as you are registered in the Portuguese Health System, whether you have a Cartão Utente (not issued since 2007), or just a piece of paper with your SNS Number, then you can register online.

If you are living in Portugal, not working and not yet reached the normal pension age in your home country then you may experience problems registering in the Health System, if you have not already done so. A new computer system installed in 2011 has created problems.

First click here to go to this web page and register:

register saude

Número SNS - (SNS Number)

Senha 6 a 10 caracteres - (password 6 to 10 characters)

Confirmar senha - (Confirm password)

Nome Complete - (Full Name)

Data de Nascimento - (Date of Birth)

Endereço de Correio Electrónico - (email address)

Número de Telemóvel (mobile phone number)

Then type in the characters in the coloured box and click 'criar registo' (create registration)




Log-in (click here) to Access Online Health Services:

login saude





Enter your (Número SNS) SNS Number and (Senha) Password and click 'entrar' (to enter)






What can you do now you are logged in?

The following screen gives you 2 options:

Novo Pedido (New Appointment)

Lista Pedidos (List of Appointments)

options saude

New Appointments

When making a new appointment you will be given the option to select:

Primeiro Horário Disponível (The first appointment available)

Escolher Período de Marcação (Choose an Appointment Period)

When you have finished you will be sent a confirmation SMS and email with details of the appointment, including date and time.

List of Appointments

This shows any existing appointments you have made.
Here you can cancel appointments that have already been made.


The next few screens allow you to select other family members (you can add all the family to one log-in), and confirm the health centre you are registered with and the Doctor's name. 

Check the details on each screen before clicking 'continuar' (continue) or 'voltar' (go back).

Now that was easy! About time something relating to Portuguese Ministries and Bureaucracy was made easy, what next?

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