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2TonRun - Marathon Man Matthew keeps going

2Ton Run – Matthew Loddy is attempting to run 100 marathons in 100 days to raise over £100,000 for2tonrun mat Teenage Charities in the UK.

Update 15 March 2012

Matthew has caught up much of the time he lost due to injury. Today he completes marathon number 56 which he started in Spain and finished in France. He is back on track to finish his 100th in the London Marathon in April but he is finding it tough going now. Having spoken to Matthew, it would take a lot for him not to complete this challenge. He needs your support, donate here.

Update 21 February 2012

Matthew is back on course and has just completed Marathon number 31.

I met Matthew and his Dad, Tom on their 20th marathon in Monte Redondo on 2 March. It was amazing to see what Matthew is doing with only his Dad in the support vehicle.

Tom explained that Matthew’s best friend Phil Latham and him had planned to walk the distance as a charity fundraiser but they did not manage to do it as Phil was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died at the young age of 36. Matthew, from Hertfordshire, UK, has a holiday home in Praia da Luz, Lagos in the Algarve, from where he started the first marathon on 14th January.

Tom is understandably very proud of what Matthew is attempting, but also concerned about his physical health. After 20 runs Matthew is having problems with his feet, thigh muscles, shins and now hamstring too. It must seem daunting for him with 2tonrun dad80 more marathons to go! Tom said he does understand why Matthew is doing this and plays down the importance of his own role in the challenge, he told me “I’m not doing much really” so I quickly correct him. At 84 and driving the support vehicle the whole 2600 miles I told him he was doing a great job and pointed out the Matthew could not do this challenge without him.

Here are some photos of the support vehicle, as you can it is full of logos from the charity. What I found absolutely sickening is that on just the 3rd day of running the van window was broken during an attempted robbery, in the Algarve. Luckily nothing was taken but it is clear that the van is supporting a charity run and yet the thief did not care about that. Tom is now travelling with a ‘sock’ filling some of the gap. This might be OK in the warm Portugal sunshine but as they travel North through Spain, France and the UK it could get a bit cold. If there is any garage or window service who thinks they can help then please contact us; it will have to be a quick change as these guys do not stay still for long.2tonrun wind

There are a few hotels along the way that are providing free accommodation and if anyone can help along the northern Portugal coast, or even in Spain and France then contact us or the charity website. Every £1 saved goes into the charity fund.

On Tuesday Matthew completed marathod number 25, but it is taking it's toll. He started on Wednesday morning but only managed 100m. You can read more on Mathews' blog, but basically he has to rest until the his the infection on his shin has healed so 3-5 days of restr, recovery and building his strength back. He is still determined to do the full distance and will run extra kms on each day to make the full 2600miles.

Good Luck Matthew. We will follow his progress and keep you updated on our facebook and twitter pages. Remember he has already completed 25 marathos of 26 miles each in just 25 days, that is still a major achievement and he is not finished yet.

Please make your donation, every single £ helps the charity, make his run worth the effort and comitment he is making!

£13, 554 has been donated to date (marathon 25) with a further £2500 pledged, so Matthew needs your support to get to his £100,000 goal.

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