Thursday, August 24, 2017
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8.7 Magnitude Earthquake hits Indonesia 11 April 2012

We do not normally report foreign news, but as this is a very important story and there are expats in Portugal who may have friends and relatives in the affected area, we decided to bring all the latest news together on Hey Portugal.

This morning at 08:38 UTC (1 hour before WEST/BST - West European Summer Time/British Summer Time) an earthquake of 8.7 magnitude was recorded off the coast of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Later confirmed at 8.6M but no large Tsunami wave formed due to the type of eathquake. They were luck this time.

The Pacific Tsunami Centre issued a Tsunami Watch Bulletin at 09:45 which covered the following countries;

For Indonesia, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Maldives, United Kingdom (Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory), Malaysia, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Oman, Pakistan, Somalia, Madagascar, Iran, Uae, Yemen, Comores, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Crozet Islands, Bangladesh, Kerguelen Islands, South Africa, Singapore.

If you know anyone who lives in the coastal areas of any one of these countries then please try to notify them as soon as possible. Please note this is still a 'Watch Bulletin' not yet a 'Tsunami Warning'.

11:14 (WEST) Bulletin - above countries still on 'watch' no report of Tsunami wave. Official measuremnt now 8.6.

11:54 (WEST) Tsunami waves up to 1.1m high have been reports in close lying islands to the epicentre. Tsunami warnings are now being issued by individual countries.

13:36 (WEST) The Pacific Tsunami Centre have now cancelled their 'watch' status. They state that a majorTsunami is no longer expected, although there have been some local Tsunami waves and damage is so far unknown.

Hey Portugal will watch all the government news stations and report here with any update as we get it.

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