Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Ash Cloud Updates

11th June 2010 - Update

Latest information received from the Icelandic Meteorological Office indicate that the volcano is no longer emitting any ash but only a steam plume of up to around 10,000 feet. As a result of this lower activity, UK airspace is not expected to be affected.

Volcanologists and Geologists term this quieter spell of volcanic activity as a ‘paused’ phase. However, it is typical for a volcano like this to have several ‘pauses’ as part of its overall eruption phase. Only when the volcano has been ‘paused’ for three months will it then be regarded as being dormant.


20th May 2010 - UK Air Space is clear

The clouds of ash have been blow away from UK skies, and all looks clear for now. There is no imediate risk of the ash cloud returning, and sky look clear until Saturday, but this is as far as experts will predict at the moment.

But keep checking if you have flights planned, as we have not seen the end of this disruption yet, any change in wind direction and new eruptions will cause further delays to flights over Europe.

We will keep you informed of any changes as we get them.

Many UK airports are closed until at least 0100 BST on Monday 17th because of volcanic ash from Iceland, with more disruption likely over coming days.

Manchester, Liverpool, East Midlands, Birmingham, Teesside, Norwich and Doncaster airports are among those closed in England.

Airports in Northern Ireland, Prestwick near Glasgow, some Scottish islands and the Isle of Man are also affected.

London airports are open. Travellers are urged to check with their airline.

The air traffic authority Nats said the Civil Aviation Authority had been forced to extend a no-fly zone imposed earlier on Sunday after the ash cloud had spread further south.

In England, other airports inside the no-fly zone include Humberside, Leeds Bradford, Blackpool, Sheffield, Doncaster and Carlisle.

In Wales, Caernarfon is the only airport affected.

All three Northern Ireland airports - Belfast International, George Best Belfast City Airport and City of Derry Airport - have also been shut.


We wil try to keep you updated on any restrictions at Portuguese and UK airports, but the advice as always is check with your airline before you leave home on your planned journey.

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