Thursday, August 24, 2017
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46 Car Pile-up on A25 Aveiro

There was a catastrophic double motorway crash in Portugal on Monday, which lead to a massive pile-up, and left at least six people dead and another 72 injured.

The Civil Protection Service confirmed 46 vehicles were involved in the domino-style smashes which happened just after 3pm on Monday afternoon. (23rd August 2010)

Of the injured motorists 24 remain in a serious condition with many suffering burns after being trapped in their blazing vehicles and having to be cut out of them.

The first accident is believed to have happened after heavy rain and mist fell on the A25 highway about 250kms (150 miles) north of Lisbon.

And as smoke and debris spilled onto the adjacent carriageway, drivers going in the opposite direction began to crash.

The pile-ups on the different lanes were just hundreds of metres apart.

Over 200 emergency workers, 68 vehicles and two helicopters were sent to the scene near the town of Aveiro.

The motorway has since been reopened.

Last month statistics for fatal accidents was the worst since 2005.

For video of the scene go to Sky News website.

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