Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Central Portugal Golf

Golf Course for Tomar

Tourism is one of the strategic development areas pegoesfor Tomar. With the Templar Castle being a Unesco World Heritage site and the fact that Fatima is so close, this Touristic development is vital for the town, the region and the whole of central Portugal.

It has long been rumoured that Tomar would be allowing and installing a golf course. The new development of Quinta Sao Jose dos Montes near the Zêzere about 10 minutes from Tomar has revitalised that dream and very recently, Tomar Council announced the new development approval near Pegões to the west and rear of the Convento do Cristo.

Pegões is not just a golf course however but a complex including a hotel and something that also is special because it blends in with the landscape whilst taking advantage of the amazing architecture of the Pegões aqueduct and vista. It remains to be seen whether the plans will be able to complement the existing countryside and be able to seamlessly blend with the breathtaking views. The Camara (council) tomargolfmapbelieve that it will benefit the rather unknown dramatic engineering of the aqueduct and allow a greater visibility to visitors.

The project is intended to integrate the whole of the Pegões valley, that little more than a decade ago was marred by an open refuse dump.

According to the council the complex is intended to offer nearly four hundred thousand bed accommodation each year and will encourage longer stays from tourists who want to take more than one day to explore the area as well as being able to take in a little golf as part of their visit.

The project is looking for private investment but this will be encouraged and supported by the council to encourage the development of the county, creating a significant number of jobs directly and indirectly.

The Detailed Plan of Pegões was presented to the executives of the Camara at the start of January by a team of architects from Pedro Ferreira Pinto. This set out the broad lines of development action of a tourism project that will encompass the most beautiful landscapes in the municipality of Tomar.

Assuming that it is possible to generate private investment, the development will include Vale Pegões, Aqueduct and Convent of Christ in an exciting plan that includes a golf course, four star hotel and a resort.

The resort will cover a total area of 138 hectares with 1380 beds divided into four-star hotel accommodation and self-catering accommodation units, also with the classification four stars. Additionally there will be some element of residential housing

The golf course, which will be 18 holes, it is expected have a clubhouse with parking areas, spaces and green areas and a public swimming pool, sports and leisure facilities including tennis and shopping and services.

It is envisaged that the project will be developed in three stages, starting in 2012. First stage will be the development of the golf course, followed by the hotel aiming to cover the tourist needs and finally to follow with the housing.

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