Thursday, August 24, 2017
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VAT in Portugal

Be warned if you pay IVA (VAT) in Portugal 
This description is a very simplified explanation (translated from Portuguese) of what needs to be considered by a self employed person or company and is not intended to cover every situation or problem relating to the subject of IVA.

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Review of Council Tax in Portugal

Proposed changes to tax valuation of property

As part of the 2012 Portuguese Budget there is to be a review on council tax charges. This is based on the reform laid out in 2003.

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The One Bright Light In Europe

While volcanic clouds of ash bring down airlines and Greece tries to rescue itself from mounting debts the rest of Europe is struggling to come to terms with the new world we live in since the credit crisis hit consumers and businesses in 2008. Amongst businesses battling to come out of recession there is still one area that is providing a light to the future and that is the internet. If ever there was a time for the industry to come to the rescue of the world economy it is now. I quote  the following figures so that those of you who have a presence in this industry will feel more reassured that all is not hype and bust but that there is a real and sustainable future in the e-commerce industry as we know it.

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Fiscal Representation in Portugal

What is a Fiscal Representative?

Anyone who has an interest in property or other assets in Portugal and is non resident in Portugal for tax purposes must have a Fiscal Representative. This representative is responsible for passing on to the non-resident any communication and information received from the Portuguese Tax Authorities.

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