Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Renting out your Property in Portugal

Many people own property in Portugal that they rent out either on a long or short term basis to produce an income, here are some tips about advertising and managing your property if you are one of those people.

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Annuities Pensions and Portugal

Baffled and confused by Pension Jargon? 
Pensions are a hot topic at the moment, mainly due to the increases most countries in the western world are making to their national pension age. There is so much technical jargon connected to pensions, most people are left baffled and confused. One major decision you have to make at the end of your pension is whether to purchase an annuity and if so which one. Well firstly I hear you ask “what is an annuity?”  

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Financial Advice In Portugal

Time for a Financial Health Check!

It's almost a new year again, so that will mean new resolutions for many. Whether it's losing a few pounds, cutting back on drinks, or whipping your finances into shape, most of us have a hard time sticking with our resolutions for the long run. 2012 maybe a milestone year and a time to reflect on your finances, you may be celebrating another great passing year, reaching retirement, or a family member is heading to university. Whatever it is you need to consider the expense and January is a good time to have a “Financial Health Check” rather than heading straight to the sales!

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Safeguarding Against Inflation

Inflation, are you being short changed?

Many savers are burying their heads in the sand as they are confused by what’s happening within the financial market and global economy.  Inflation rates are high, bank interest rates are low, government bonds no longer seem safe and the stock market is too volatile, so what should you do with your money? keep it under the pillow?

Unfortunately the pillow is not the answer, but it’s a fact that every day you delay making a sound financial plan your money it’s being eroded by inflation!

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