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Changes to Overseas Passport Services

This information is provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office


Changes to Overseas Passport Services

If you live abroad the way you obtain a passport, and where you need to apply, will change over the next three years. This leaflet explains what’s happening and why. After more than 20 years of running separate passport services, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Home Office have agreed that from April 2011, the Identity & Passport Service (IPS - an agency of the Home Office) will become the single provider of full validity passports for British nationals at home and overseas.

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Importing a Car into Portugal and Paying Tax

Importing a Car into Portugal & Paying Tax!

If you are considering importing your car to Portugal and you have owned it for less than 12 months in another EU country or you have already brought one car in free from ISV, then you need to read this.

First of all you can drive any car in Portugal for a maximum of 183 days perfectly legally. If you are here on a specific term, temporary work contract or as a student or any other reason and you plan to take it back to your home country (even if longer than 183 days) you can avoid importing it. In this case you need to contact your local customs office as soon as you arrive in Portugal to register this intent.

You cannot have a non-Portuguese registered car in Portugal for more than 183 days of the year. If you travel in and out then it is advisable to get proof of each entry/exit. If you have a holiday home in Portugal and only use your car for 2 weeks of the year but keep it in Portugal, then the car is classed as being used here and the rules apply. The 183 days do not need to be consecutive, if the authorities can show that you have had the car inside Portugal for this time then they will apply the law.

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Car Road Tax (IUC)

Car Road Tax (IUC)

11 March 2011 Update - The IUC charges have changed again, if you drive a vehicle with high CO2 emmissions then expect a big increasing in your IUC (Road Tax) this year.

If you are considering buying a second hand car in Portugal or importing one it is worth considering how much the annual road tax (IUC) will be. The system of Road Tax on Portuguese registered cars changed in June 2007.

If the car you are buying was registered after 30th June 2007, or was re-registered after this date the new system applies. It is calculated based on the CO2 level and the engine size.

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Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport In Portugal

This is your information resource about getting around Portugal as well as thoughts and information on how to get to and from Portugal.

These pages have information on Road, Rail, Air, Tram and Water Travel.

We talk here about existing routes and infrastructure and also will have information on new projects taking place that could help or affect you.

It you are travelling in a Camper Van (camping car) then follow our Editor's Blog Travels in a VW Camper in Portugal.


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