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Importing a car into Portugal – Tax-Free Option

It is possible to import a vehicle to Portugal from the UK or other EU country without paying additional taxes.

As long a the vehicle has been fully tax-paid in your former country of residence, and  you have been the registered owner of the vehicle in your former country of residence for at least 12 months. A few years ago this was a length and costly process but now it seems to have got much easier and quicker.

One of readers has again given us guidence on the current procedure for importing a car tax free. (April 2015)

By Rob Seddon.

Here is a list of the documents and the process I needed to follow to transfer my car to Portugal Tax Free (with the costs shown).

I had to attend Customs at an early stage within 20 days of the vehicle entering Portugal, in order to start the process and obtain permission to continue to drive my vehicle on UK plates once the process had started thus they issued me with a form confirming that I had commenced the process of car importation , permitting me to use my car whilst the process was being dealt with. I had heard horror stories about the process and having lived in Portugal before, was used to the red tape but the whole process after initially attending Customs took just 2 weeks before I received my new vehicle registration number from them to enable me to register the vehicle formally at the IMTT.

Forms I needed were as follows and copies had to also be provided by me (one of each except the UK Vehicle Certificate of Registration (V5), where I had to provide 2 copies):

Certificate of Transferring Residency (Certificado de Registo de Cidadão da União Europeia (the cost of this Certificate was €15)

A Certificate from relevant Consulate confirming transfer of residency. For UK, booking this appointment for a Certificate to Import a Vehicle falls under ´Preparing a Document in A Foreign Language´and is booked online with the British Consulate and the appointment is only confirmed once documents they request have been scanned and emailed or faxed to them). Cost of this appointment for preparing the document in Portuguese and taking an oath relating to the document was €173.)

Certificate of Conformity (from vehicle manufacturer) that confirms that the vehicle meets European Spec. (Guidance: Requested that it be in Portuguese and English. As well as needing this for formal importation, most of the information on it is transferred to the various forms mentioned in this list. Having one in Portuguese makes this part of the process easier. Costs for this certificate vary).

Form Mod. 22.1101 (Declaraçaõ Adunaneira de Veiculo) and Mod. 22.1100) Pedido de Isençao/Redução do ISV). (Guidance: These forms are in Portuguese and are purchased at the Customs and cost €1.20 and €0.60 respectively). They are very straightforward to complete and have guides attached (in Portuguese but easy to work out what is being asked on the form when comparing the form alongside the Certificate of Conformity)

UK Vehicle Certificate of Registration (and 2 photocopies). Customs retain the original and return 2 copies which they certify as copies.

Copies of household bills confirming previous residence (Guidance: these had to be from within the past 12 months, such as water, electricity, telephone and in the name of teh vehicle owner).

Driving Licence (Guidance: this must be valid for 12 months before the date of transferring residency)


NIF - Contribuinte Card/Form with number on it.

Modelo 9 Form (Leave the part marked ´Homologação´ blank on the Modelo 9 form, even though the Certificate of Conformity has this number on it. Portugal has a different number and the IMTT will put this on. Customs need this number on the form).

Modelo 112 and IPO (confirming vehicle has undergone a technical inspection). (Cost was €78)

Signed declarations consenting to Customs undergoing their checks and that I have received guidelines on the rules relating to sale or transfer of the car wihin specified periods, if approval is given for it to be imported ´tax free´.

If you think you may have to pay tax, click here to find out more


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