Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Cheap Fuel Prices in Portugal

Fuel dropped below a Euro a litre in December. Are you getting the best deal?

As we know, prices of fuel in Portugal always trend upwards and if they do go down, they are short-lived reductions. The same occurs across most of the world. The demand for oil goes up and the availability goes down. Or the cost of extraction increases as the oil companies devise new methods for extracting previously inaccessible sources. Or the government increase the taxes to create revenue!

Well, finally at the end of 2014 fuel prices stated to fall due to the price of crude oil falling. Oil has dropped 40% in recent months. In fact on 28th December the lowest price of diesel in Portugal dropped below 1 Euro a litre. Prices are still very varied so Hey Portugal have put this article together to help you get the best price for your car fuel.

Whatever happens, motorists seem to pay through the nose (nozzle) to get from A to B and whilst we are a huge section of the population, as a motorist, it is virtually impossible to have your say because you still need the derivative of the “black gold”.

So how can you improve your fuel buying in Portugal and take advantage of better fuel prices?

Similar to UK fuel prices, there are a number of retailers who offer better priced fuels in Portugal. Some of these are the bigger name fuel retailers, some are the large chain superstores in Portugal, some might have a voucher scheme associated with a big Portuguese Hypermarket and some might well be the local petrol station round the corner

Two of the biggest schemes are the link-up between Pingo Doce and BP and Continente and Galp. Both of these supermarkets offer a Petrol discount cards/vouchers if you shop with them which you can use at participating petrol stations.

Other supermarkets such as Jumbo, Pingo Doce, Intermarche and E’Leclerc have their own petrol stations that offer considerable discounts at the pumps.

Having done some research, mostly by driving around, we have found the cheapest Petrol Station prices in Portugal. However we can’t check them all and the DGEG (Directorate General of Energy and Geology) have this great website for all fuels in all areas.
Find your local cheap fuel outlet now.

The site is in Portuguese but quite easy to follow. You can enter your address on the left hand side in "Localizar-me em" (Find me) or you can use the interactive map to select your district then you can choose (clicking) to view the cheapest (first on list) or to view by municipality (second on list).

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