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Northern Region of Portugal

If you are thinking of buying property in the Northern Region of Portugal then here is some information that will help you decide.

The Northern Region of Portugal (Região Norte) is a region in the northern part of Portugal, with Spanish boarders to the north and the east and the Altantic Ocean to the west. It's neighbour to the south in the Central Portugal Region.


The Northern region has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is an important region for archaeological research. It is a land of dense vegetation with a great mixture of both historic and cultural wealth.

Porto is the regional capital, which has long historical links with the UK.

Northern Portugal is a culturally varied region, with lots of rivalry between neighbouring cities and towns unlike other regions, where every city and town are culturally very similar. This region is very rich in folklore and traditions dating back to the middle ages.

Wine is very important to this region, with light wines (vinho verde) from the Northern shores and the rich wines and Ports of the Duoro valley. There are many local handicrafts and colourful local embroideries, and like all regionas there are many local foods and cheeses.

Despite the mixed industry around Porto and the west coast towns this region has the highest unemployment rate in Portugal (2007), because of this the Northern Portuguese authorities are promoting tourism to attract investment and so increase incomes in rural areas. It would be a good region for investment property has tourism increases. Property is cheaper in this area too, mainly due to is being colder in the Winter.

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Main places to visit

Porto is a great city and well worth a few days to explore its' old and new areas. 

This region has a number of mountain ranges and has a variety of National Parks, Peneda-Gerês National Park, the Montesinho Natural Park, the Alvão Natural Park. There are also beaches and seaside resorts.

UNESCO World Heritage sites:

Historic Centre of Porto

Alto Douro Wine Region

Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley and Siega Verde

Historic Centre of Guimarães

Transport Access

Porto (Oporto) Airport is in this region and has cheap flights to many UK airports, it is a main Hub for RyanAir. You can also get internal flights to Lisbon and Faro.

There are good inter-regional motorway and train links, as well as road and rail links to Spain.

Many of the Motorways are now toll motorways. There are 2 types electronic tolls which have overhead sensors and cameras (you must have an electric sensor on the car or pay at a post office within 5 days) and toll-both motorways, where you stop and pay as you use it at the toll booth (or use the green lanes if you have a Via Verde sersor fitted to your vehicle).

The motorways around Greater Porto are now covered by Electronic Tolls. 

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Regional Tourist Authority

www.visitportugal.com this is the national Tourist authority.

www.portoenorte.pt is the Northern Region tourist authority official website.

Other Regions of Portugal

Central, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve.


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