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Central Region of Portugal

An overview of the Central region of Portugal.

The Central Region of Portugal (Região Centro) is, not surprisingly, in the centre of Portugal. It lies between the Northern Region and to the south, the Lisbon Region and the Alentejo, with the Altantic Ocean to the west and Spain to the East.

Geography of Central Portugal Region

Central Portugal is filled with historic monuments and other important sites. There are 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites in this region, the Convento do Cristo in Tomar, and the Monasteries of Batalha and Alcobaça.

The landscape is very diverse. This region stretches from the sandy beaches of the Silver Coast to the mountains that border Spain. The interior is dominated by the Serra da Estrela Mountain and pine, chestnut and eucalyptus forests. It is criss-crossed by rivers with the Castelo do Bode lake/dam being one of the biggest in the country. Skiing is popular on Serra da Estrela in the winter, as its peak is 2000m, and they are many places for water sports and walking. One the Silver Coast the many beaches are a magnet for surfers and host to many international surf and sailing competitions throughout the year. There is a pine forest covering 100 square kilometres in the centre of the Silver Coast that was planted in the great ship building years of the 15th century.

There are more than a dozen fortified frontier villages that can be explored to discover some of the 900 year history of this region and understand more about its struggles for independence with invaders and neighbours. In many of the rural villages ancient festivals and rituals remain popular to this day. Visitors can sample local cheese, honey and sausages which all have very distinctive local flavours.

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Transport Access in Central Portugal

This region is supported by airports to the north in Porto and the south in Lisbon.

There are good inter-regional motorway and train links, as well as road and rail links to Spain.

Many of the Motorways are toll motorways. There are 2 types electronic tolls which have overhead sensors and cameras (you must have an electric sensor on the car or pay at a post office within 5 days) and toll-both motorways, where you stop and pay as you use it at the toll booth (or use the green lanes if you have a Via Verde sensor fitted to your vehicle).

Travel and Transport in Portugal

The following websites have lots of information about Portugal and Central Portugal.

Within Central Portugal

Central Portugal has 8 Intermunicipal communities. These were created in 2014 and each one has its own central administration departments.

Beira Baixa

Beiras e Serra da Estrela

Médio Tejo


Região de Aveiro

Região de Coimbra

Região de Leiria

Viseu Dão Lafões

Other Regions of Portugal

North, Alentejo, Lisbon, Algarve

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