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Portugal Maps and Regions

On this page you will find maps and links to help you to find your way around Portugal.


portugal map

Finding your way around in Portugal in the internet can be very confusing because there have been so many changes of names in recent times. 

Portugal is separated into 7 Regions, 5 on the mainland and 2 autonomous regions (these have their own governments);

Northern Portugal
Central Portugal
Lisbon Region
The Alentejo
The Algarve

Madeira Autonomous Region
Azores autonomous Region

Districts of Portugal (old)

There have been many changes of the middle tier of government over recent years.

Districts, as they were called, have changed many times over the past century and this has caused, and still does, much confusion. Many of the older people do not recognise the changes and in many areas the current legal administration divisions are not refered to at all. You will also find many websites and Estate Agents using the old Districts as divisions, it will take time for these to be changed, which is why we are telling you about both systems.

The Districts still in common use are shown here and the currenct legal framework is lower down the page.

Listed below are the old 'districts' showing which regions they were in, you will see that some districts fell into 2 regions  


1. Lisbon district (Lisbon and Alentejo Region)
2. Leiria district (Central Region)portugaldistrictmap3. Santarém district (Central and Alentejo Region)
4. Setubal District (Lisbon and Alentejo Region)
5. Beja District (Alentejo Region
6. Faro District (Algarve Region)
7. Évora District (Alentejo Region)
8. Portalegre district (Alentejo Region)
9. Castelo Branco district (Central Region)
10. Guarda district (Northern and Central Regions)
11. Coimbra district (Central Region)
12. Aveiro District (Northern and Central Regions)
13. Viseu district (Northern and Central Regions)
14. Bragança District (Northern Region)
15. Vila Real District (Northern Region)
16. Porto District (Northern Region)
17. Braga District (Northern Region)
18. Viana do Castelo District (Northern Region)

Azores (Azores Region)
Madeira (Madeira Region)


Metropolitan Areas and Intermunicipal Communities (new)

Here is the current framework that replaced Districts in 2014.  

You will see many reference around the internet and when speaking to people, to the old Districts, as they have only changed very recently.

The main middle tier of democracy and financial departments is now the 2 Metropolitan Districts of Porto and Lisbon and the 21 Intermunicipal Communities, this is how they now fit into the Regions.

Northern Region (Norte)

Metropolitan area of Porto
Intermunicipal communities: Alto Minho, Alto Tâmega, Ave, Cávado, Douro, Tâmega e Sousa, Terras de Trás-os-Montes

Central Region (Centro)

Intermunicipal communities: Beira Baixa, Beiras e Serra da Estrela, Médio Tejo, Oeste, Região de Aveiro, Região de Coimbra, Região de Leiria, Viseu Dão Lafões

Lisbon Region (Lisboa)

Metropolitan area of Lisbon

Alentejo Region

Intermunicipal communities: Alentejo Litoral, Alentejo Central, Alto Alentejo, Baixo Alentejo, Lezíria do Tejo

Algarve Region

Intermunicipal communities: Algarve

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