Thursday, August 24, 2017
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UK Expat Passports to be Produced in UK

On 1 April 2011, the Identity and Passport service took responsibility for the overseas passports operation. ukpassportCurrently, if you live overseas you will still apply for a new/replacement passport through the Regional centres (Madrid for Portugal and Spain).

During 2011 the system will change in 2 stages, firstly to print all passports back in the UK and then send them direct to the applicant, and finally to transfer all Passport processing back to the UK.

The aim is to save money by reducing processing costs, and ensure safety by not moving blank passports around the world.

Administrative Structure of Portugal

Portugal's government and administrative structure has changed many times in the past 100 years, since the New Republic was formed. Here is a brief summary to help you to understand the systems and the difficulties. 

President and Assembly


The President of the Republic of Portugal is the head of state and is elected every 5 years.

The Assembly of the Republic (Assembleia da República) is the Portuguese parliament. It is located in a historical building in Lisbon, referred to as Palácio de São Bento, the site of an old Benedictine monastery. The Palace of São Bento was formerly known as the seat of the National Assembly (Assembleia Nacional) during the Estado Novo regime.

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Some Interesting Facts about Residency and Cars in Portugal

There are many rules throughout Europe and especially in Portugal that becomes relevant when you are resident in a particular country. One rule that affects most of us is the re-registering vehicles and driving in Portugal.

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About Earthquakes

What is an Earthquake?

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon resulting from a violent rupture within the earth's crust, corresponding to the release of a large amount of energy, causing vibrations that are transmitted to a wide surrounding area.

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Notorial Service at the British Consulate

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Notarial and documentary services provided by the British Consulates in Portugal are now available by appointment only, using our easy to follow on-line appointment facility.

This helps your enquiry to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by consular staff, ensuring that delays are avoided and also saving you time if the Consulate is unable to provide the service you need.  Where there is no formal requirement for a service to be provided by the Consulates, local notaries or lawyers can often provide these services.

A step-by-step guide to using the British Consulate’s on-line appointment booking system can be found on our website using the quick link to notarial services, where you can also find a helpful video guide.

Statement issued by Press and Public Affairs Section
2 July 2012

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