Monday, August 21, 2017
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Solar Water Heating In Portugal

Typically a household solar heating system will consist of a solar collector/panel with a fluid flowing through it to transfer the heat energy collected to a hot water tank (often known as a thermal store or to household radiators. The solar panel is located somewhere south facing to achieve good light levels throughout the day, often on the roof of the building. A pump is used to move the liquid around the system and heat is taken from the panel and transferred to the thermal store.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy In Central Portugal

Whilst it would be really great, to be completely self sufficent when it comes to producing energy, it is not always practical to do so.

Sometimes the costs are prohibitive to start with. Sometimes the location of your house is just not suitable to your energy needs.

However there are ways you can produce your own electricity from wind or solar at a very low cost.

However we can all do a little to reduce our energy costs so putting something back in to the environment and our pockets.

We will be looking at all types of energy production and energy conservation and the practicle applications.

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Ask The Architects

This is a great new idea from Hey Portugal. You’ve seen your ideal house and location but it’s going to need some work. Maybe you can’t visualise your new home in a finished condition and need some direction? You can now get an Architect to give you an initial design idea of what you can do with your renovation project, for a very low cost of only 50€ per room. Here is an example of what you would get for 450€ (9 rooms). Why pay thousands of euros to find out the possibilities?

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Good Idea for Waste Plastic Bottles

Sealing a Bag with waste Plastic Bottles?

This was passed on by one of our readers… Wow, what a fantastic idea! 









How to seal a bag and make it air-tight, for Free.

No more need to grapple with rubber bands, spring clips or twist ties, when sealing plastic bags.

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Project Management in Portugal

Increasing numbers of expats are coming to Portugal to take advantage of the better windmillprojectweather and greater quality of life and one of the ways people are doing that is to build a home– being able to choose all the options, layout, design or renovate a property with a unique Portuguese character .  For some it is the lower cost involved that makes it attractive to make that dream home in beautiful Portugal come true.

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