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Book a Doctors Appointment in Portugal Online

How do you book an appointment with your Doctor in Portugal?

You can go and queue (for up to an hour in rural areas) at the Centro do Saude and try to explain to the receptionist what you want or you can do it on-line!

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DRU Yoga

DRU Yoga is a flowing and gentle form of yoga which was first developed over 30 yrs ago combining the postures and philosophy of yoga with the flow of T'ai Chi. The friends that brought this into being remain friends and partners in DRU to this day and have developed into an international school. Yoga works on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and the aim of DRU Yoga is to bring these into balance.

DRU Yoga classes begin with music and dance, a fun warm up to start the process of waking your body updru and leaving the stresses of your world outside of the class.

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Health Insurance in Portugal

For many years moving abroad was all about retiring, but recently there has been more dramatic reduction in the average age of those moving overseas. More and more people are looking to move permanently; and there are those who are in Portugal on a semi-permanent basis with a view to becoming permanent residents in the future.

Whether you have taken up permanent residency or are perhaps spending just part of the year here and the remainder in your home country, it is important to plan ahead and understand what your healthcare requirements may be. You should also consider how you are going to pay for any medical treatment you may need from time-to-time, as local services can sometimes be difficult to access,expensive or simply not available. Consider what you are going to do now and also plan ahead.

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Portugal Health Service Fees 2012

There is a new fee structure for the Portuguese National Health Service and it will start on the 1st January 2012.

If you have a “Cartão de Utente” (or paper equivalent) and use the Health System here in Portugal then these fees apply to you. If you are resident in Portugal you are entitled to be registered in the Health System. If you retired and get paid a pension from your 'home' country then you still register but the charges are passed back to your 'home' country. eg All other health service charges for a British pensioner would be charged to the NHS, although the following fees still apply.

If you are a European visitor to Portugal then you will have your countries own European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and you show this when accessing any emergency health service. If charges are made you will get a reciept and can claim them back when you return home, according to your countries rules.

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What is it?

Reflexology is not a beauty therapy or a foot massage it is a clinical treatment with provenaoife results that works throughout the whole body.

Based on the principles of zone and pressure therapy and the idea that the hands and feet are connected systematically to the vital organs and glands of the body.

Further connection is made by applying pressure to reflex or pressure points located in the palms of the hands or soles of the feet.

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