Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Hypnotherapy – what is it?

Put simply, hypnotherapy is a skill which utilises the tool of hypnosis for the administration of many and various forms of psychotherapy. Or, put even more simply, hypnotherapy is a tool which utilises hypnosis to help the mind, and therefore the body, feel well.

So that’s two mentions of the dreaded “H” word – hypnosis (three mentions now) - in the first fifty-six words, and some of you will no doubt be running for cover from the man who’s gonna be “messing with your mind” (room for one more behind the sofa, mother?), while others stoically pooh-pooh the very idea as it’s all a load of bunkum. Right? Wrong! – on both counts.

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Health Service Problems in Leiria

Some expat residents have been experiencing problems around the Leiria district and Silver Coast, and Hey Portugal have been working with the British Consulate to resolve them. They have been refused Healthcare or charged at the higher (non resident) rates, or been told that they have to get a Social Security Number before they can register for a Health Centre Number.

None of this is correct......the Portuguese Health Systems is a residency-based system.

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Alcohol Caution

Alcohol is a drug which relieves anxiety, lifts inhibitions and is pleasantly, mildly euphoric but when used to excess it is dangerous and causes misery, illness and death.  Surprisingly alcohol is not particularly addictive; unlike cocaine or heroin. For the vast majority of people who drink, it does not become a problem, however, alcohol abuse and dependency are real issues for about 10% of the adult population.

The unit system introduced by the British Government gives a fair estimation of how much is drunk and how safe it is.

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Safe Drinking Limits

Safe? Drinking Limits

This is an interesting comparison table produced by Nova Vida Recovery

The Data has originally come from the International Centre for Alcohol Policies.Safe Drink Limits


A number of points are worth consideration.

Portugal has the highest Male weekly allowance - must be all those two hour lunches.

The Netherlands has the second highest male allowances and allows women to drink as much as men making the female allowances the highest of all countries by a long way.

Women in Ireland have only just over half the allowance of men.

France and Sweden have the lowest rates for men although you would probably consider the French to have a higher actual intake than Sweden.

Maybe we should look at the actual average intake statistics to see if the recommendations have any correllation to the actual consumptions!!

Useful Contacts in Central Portugal

Here you will find contact for Emergencies, Embassies and Local Councils and Hospitals. We are still building up this information so if yours is missing then please email us and we will add it.

Europe-wide Emergency Number    112  This number works in all European countries for all emergency services

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