Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Dinosaurs Invade the Geopark!

First, what is a Geopark?

A Geopark is a nationally protected area containing a Tyrannumber of geological heritage sites of particular importance, rarity or aesthetic appeal. Theses have a high historical and cultural interest and huge biodiversity. A Geopark achieves its goals through a three-pronged approach:

- Conservation
The management authority of each Geopark ensures adequate protection measures in consultation with collaborating universities, geological surveys or relevant statutory bodies in accordance with local traditions and legislative obligations.

- Education
A Geopark organizes activities and provides logistic support to communicate geoscientific knowledge and environmental concepts to the public. This is done through museums, information centres, trails, guided tours, school class excursions, literature, maps, educational materials and displays, seminars and so on.

- GeoTourism

A Geopark stimulates economic activity and sustainable development through geotourism. By attracting increasing numbers of visitors, it encourages the creation of local enterprises and cottage industries involved in geotourism and geoproducts.

Now about those dinosaurs..

A 3000m2 exhibition created by Dutch company Creatures & Features has been built at the Nercab Centre in Castelo Branco.

Dinosaur skeletons, skulls, eggs, nests and embryos aredinoexpo portugal all going to invade the Geopark Naturtejo in a big, never seen before expo. This fantastic exhibition of discovery creates a  fascinating journey back to the past, that also includes flying reptiles and the early birds, the descendents of the dinosaurs

The central character is a huge sauropod, a Diplodocus, over 17 meters long, that lived in North America about 150 million years ago, and despite of its gigantic size, was a plant eater. 

Another big attraction is the first time display of a real sauropod bone set, still in the original rocks from Wyoming (USA).

Besides that, there will be dozens of dino replicas from all around the world and a new show on Portuguese Dinosaurs with real fossil bones.

The exhibition is on until the 30th October this year. Entry prices are Adults €6, senior citizens €4, Children €4 and under 6s free

To find out the exact location of the exhibition, click here to get a google map

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