Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Treasure Hunting In Portugal

Have you heard of Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt. A geocacher can locate a geocache anywhere in the world with the help of a GPS or GPS-enabled mobile device and GPS coordinates that are listed online. You could use your own car sat-nav for example. Popularity is increasing and more than 4 million people take part in Geocaching worldwide each year. It’s one of the world’s fastest growing live, recreational social media activities connecting technology, the internet and good old fashioned sleuthing.

In Portugal alone there are over 7000 geocaches to be found. Universal Geocaching logoOn a more localised search for example we located 707 items to be found within a 50 kilometre radius of Tomar. On the website all you need to do is enter your prefered location and the radius you want and the results show up in closest proximity order.

The Geocaching website is free to join and easy to navigate so even if you are curious, why not have a look and see what this is all about.

The word Geocaching refers to GEO for geography, and to CACHING, the process of hiding a cache. And the rules are very simple.
1. If you take something from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value.
2. Write about your find in the cache logbook.
3. Log your experience on the website.

Anyone can be a geocachers; they are families with children, retired individuals and grandparents, hikers, explorers, and outdoors-people.

Geocaching appeals to such a diverse range of people because it’s adaptable, depending on what sort of of hunt you want. Cache listings on Geocaching.com include difficulty and terrain ratings (1/1 – the easiest and 5/5 – the most difficult) to help geocachers choose a cache that is right for them.

What could you find?

Well, a cache always contains a logbook or logsheet. The logbook contains information from the owner of the cache and notes from visitors. When geocachers return from an adventure, they can log their finds on an online cache page, creating a dynamic community and social network.

Larger geocaches may also contain any number of GPS Devicesmore or less valuable items. These items turn the cache into a real treasure hunt. A geocacher never knows what the owner or other visitors of the cache may have left there to enjoy. Make sure you take something with you if you intend to remove one of these treasures so that the cache is maintained. There are also special Trackables to find; more information can be found on the website about these but they can make the activity even more fun.

It is common to find caches in locations of great natural beauty or personal importance. Locations can be quite diverse – from beaches to mountaintops to urban areas. Before heading out on an adventure, geocachers should make sure to read the cache descriptions carefully, especially the difficulty and terrain ratings, as some cache finds can be technical and physically challenging. Some items may be quite difficult to access or even need specialist equipment. Geocaches located in cities are often incredibly small, so that people walking by don’t notice them.

Go on – Have a treasure hunt today with Geocaching

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