Thursday, June 13, 2024

One of biggest Motorbike Festivals in Portual

The sleepy town of Góis, west of Coimbra on the Ceira River roars in to life in August each year as it hosts the huge bike Festival that has come to be so popular in Central Portugal. The event welcomes all bikes, big and small and has become a significant alternative to the usual summer rock festivals.

The event takes place over four days Thursday to Sunday. Sunday is a day for rest, relaxation, reflection and also when the Moto Clube hand over money raised to worthy causes.

It takes place over the 3rd weekend in August.

Overview of the event

The main stage has around 10 giant projection screens ensuring a high quality of entertainment. They always have a huge variety of music styles covering hard rock, rap, traditional Portuguese music and more. Big names headline with bands such as The Animals, the Rouxinol  Faduncho, the Boom and Xutos e Pontapés and more, are seen there.goisbike3

The entry pass for the whole weekend (Pass Geral) is arounf 30 Euros and gives a bunch of free things including T Shirt. Daily Tickets are also available. It is hosted by Gois Bike Club.

There is a fair with food stands and restaurants, clothing, and also some tattoo stands will be there for those of you feeling a little bold or ready for some new Ink. This small town has a river running through it and some great cafes and restaurants if you want to get away from the main camping area.

Over the weekend the official meeting of the Mini Moto Club and the Vespa Club will also take place.

Another exciting feature of the event is the Electronic tent which is a giant space featuring animation and DJs. Located in front of the stage Sagres Zero, the DJs provide the best sound and adrenaline before and after the performances of main stage.

As well as the big bikes, the smaller models are also catered for by the Moto Clube. goisbike2

There are usually other meetings of smaller clubs or specific bike makes/models that take place during the weekend, and you can guarantee at least one Passeio around the town, each day.

There will be demonstrations also from skilled riders, on a variety of machines.

The main Passeio/Bike Ride takes place on the Sunday Morning, which should prove to be rather spectacular, and that will be followed by Lunch.